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We study on highly efficient optical antennae based on metallic nanostructures, and develop solar cells as well as artificial- photosynthesis systems which evolve oxygen and hydrogen as a result of a photolysis of water.

?Since the probability of light matter coupling process is not so large originally, effective utilization of light in optical devices is needed. We have recently elucidated the possibility of plasmonic nanostructures as an optical antenna for visible and near infrared light and enhancing light matter coupling process. Applications to various fields are expected such as a solar cell enabling light energy conversion with a small amount of substance.

?Furthermore, the photoelectric conversion system employs water molecules as electron sources. To study further detailed mechanism of the light-energy conversion system, we also address ultra-fast spectroscopy and imaging for the purpose of pursuing electron transfer dynamics from optical antenna to semiconductor electrode as an example. We also study on the development of artificial-photosynthesis systems such as plasmon-induced water splitting and ammonia production systems which attract attention as an energy career.

Near-infrared solar cell/artificial photosynthesis

theme01 可視光や近赤外光を捕集・濃縮することが可能なナノメートルサイズの光アンテナ搭載太陽電池・人工光合成系の開発

Femtosecond laser processing

theme02 透明材料表面を損傷させず内部のみを加工し、3次元メモリーやフォトニック結晶、そしてマイクロチャ ンネルチップを作製する3次元超加工の研究

Photonic crystal

theme03 フォトニック結晶を用いて新しい光導波路構造、微小レーザー共振器、光化学反応場の構築

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